Make-Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick

SO. This foundation changed the game for me indefinite. I can best describe it as weightless new skin if that even makes sense. When I first used it, I was very skeptical as per just in case my skin reacted as I’m super sensitive and literally anything can break me out or just look awful on me, to top it off I was using it on my 18th birthday so it kinda had to be good first time or else.

When I applied it after primer, straight away I knew I loved it. Its, in my opinion, a medium-full coverage foundation. I always tend to go for a fuller coverage because sheer on me is just a bad look. This foundation can however be sheered out to a lighter coverage and you can go in with as little or as much as you like for your desired effect. I painted it on like my face was a wall because that’s the kind of girl I am. I feel you can apply as much as you want without it looking cakey and also that you really don’t need to use a lot of product for a full coverage.

The shade range is outstanding. Make-Up Forever as a brand is renowned for their vast shade range throughout all their products. I love that they separate things into R and Y (rose and yellow skin undertones) and then have a lot under each letter from the palest to the darkest. I have this foundation currently in three shades, Y325, Y405 and Y415. Although there is a counter now in the Manchester Debenhams that I’ve been in multiple times I still have never bothered to go and match the shades in store which is pretty stupid but I’m lazy. Y405 I got using comparing my tan shades in other foundations I own and I have to say it’s a pretty good match. A few months after I ordered the other two shades, Y415 as my fake tan got darker and I found Y405 to be more orange rather than olive toned, and Y325 for when I’m paler.

You get 45g of product at the price of £30. I purchase this foundation and all Make-Up Forever products from Debenhams. I think it’s a good price for a high-end foundation and love the way it feel and looks on my skin. The packaging is very lightweight and compact, great for travel but not flimsy. I like that it comes with a cap on-top of the stick as well as a lid.

After using for the best part of a year I can safely say it’s my go-to foundation for any night out or day where I want a full coverage, long wearing look. It is definitely more on the dewy than matte side so be wary to set with a good powder if you’re oily. I vary from being dry to oily and change my primers and powders up to suit my skin on the day. I also feel it will suit any skin type and there’s definitely a shade for everyone. Will always re-purchase.

E x

image1 (3)
Y405 (left) Y415 (right) with flash
image1 (2)
Y405 (left) Y415 (right) without flash


Tickled Pink: Violet Voss

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. I’ve been so busy recently with my marketing and social media apprenticeship: completing exciting new projects and being set deadlines which has subsequently resurrected my determined, self-goal setting mindset. Ok so I’m trying to tell myself that’s the reason behind my lack of posts and dormant makeup Instagram.. or maybe that’s just my poor excuse because actually I’ve been that fucking poor that the last time I stepped into a club was 28th May and so no good makeup has been produced. Until last weekend. Which my mum funded. With a £20 note. And my taxi was a tenner so yes I had the best night everwith £10 and my makeup cooperated: resulting in the perfect start to a fabulous night rekindling friendships with a fab group of girls from college.

Anyway. Tickled Pink:


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Hi, my name is Emily, I’m 18 years old and I’m from Bolton, which is “basically Manchester” in the UK.

Most likely gonna get cringed at for having a blog by people where I’m from but I don’t care hence why I’ve finally decided to set one up. This is something I’ve wanted to do for about three years but never felt confident enough to do it, or skilled or exciting, which I am not promising I’m any of those things but hey ho.

This blog is gonna be me mainly reviewing a lot of cosmetics, skincare, brands, fashion and other things as well as talking about my life and anything I’ve been up to, job and career path, family and friends etc. I would love to say this is gonna be a completely new, different and innovative blog that you’ve never seen before but I’d be lying. I just really always wanted to do one and hope you like it enough to keep coming back.

I have always bought make-up, even when I didn’t have a bloody clue about how to do it but I’ve always been interested in the steps of it and wanted to learn about it, application, different skin types etc. I’m never gonna be an MUA but I love reviewing and helping people, and I love the industry of it. I also can’t resist any form of online shopping which helps I guess.

I hope you like what you see. Thank you so much.

E x